“Get Twice as Much Traffic for Half the Price
Using Pay per Click Marketing”

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Pay per Click is one of the best things that has ever happened to the business world. You can write and ad and tell Google whom to show it to. In 15 minutes Google will be sending you a lot of qualified prospects. It doesn’t get any better than that.

There’s a problem, though. If you don’t know what you’re doing, chances are you’re going to burn through your budget very fast and see no results. Pay per Click is like a painting brush: give it to a monkey and he’ll make a mess; give it to Michelangelo and he’ll create the Sistine Chapel.

This is how we approach Pay per Click marketing:

  1. We write effective ads that push the right hot buttons of your audience.
  2. We show your ads ONLY to qualified buyers.
  3. We constantly optimize your campaign.
    • If a keyword works, we keep it. If it doesn’t work, we get rid of it.
    • We keep the ads that work and get rid of the ones that don’t.
    • We identify sub-segments in your traffic and create personalized ads and landing pages for those segments.
  4. We’re all about continually improving the return-on-investment (ROI) of your campaign. We’re only happy when you get more sales and pay less for your traffic.

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PPC Report

Case Study #1: “Campaign Cost Decreased by 73% and CTR Increased 45 Times”


The Website: Maintenance-One.com

The Problems:

  • Our client was paying way too much for each click ($2.57).
  • The ads they were using weren’t attractive so only 1 in 2,000 people was clicking on the ads. The click-through rate was extremely low (0.06%).

What We Did:

  • We got rid of all the keywords that weren’t making our client money.
  • We used negative keywords to filter out unqualified searchers.
  • We included the keywords in our ads to obtain a higher Quality Score. This significantly lowered the cost per click.
  • We added a lot of very targeted keywords to the campaign.
  • We filtered out “research” keywords (people that are researching the options in the market) and we went after “action” keywords (prospects that are ready to buy).
  • Our copywriter created very compelling ads.

The Results:

  • Our client now pays $0.68 per click instead of $2.57 (73% less!)
  • Their ads are now clicked by 1 out of 38 people instead of 1 out of 2,000.

The Proof:

Cost per Click went from $2.57 to $0.68.

Click-Through Rate went from 0.06% to 2.57%.

Case Study #2: “PPC Cost Reduced to ¼”

The Website: TotalWellnessSolution.ca

The Problems:

  • The campaign was full of broad keywords. Some search terms were completely neglected.
  • The Quality Score was extremely low, which made the clicks very expensive.
  • The ads had a very low click-through rate (CTR), which increased the cost of the clicks.

What We Did:

  • We used advanced keyword research tactics to come up with hundreds of very relevant keywords. Instead of using popular keywords only (such as “Ontario chiropractor”), we went after all the symptoms this chiropractor treats (such as “chronic back pain” and “chronic fatigue”). We also used a lot of synonyms and ended up with a list of over 5,000 keywords that have good traffic and no competition, which means that our client gets extremely targeted prospects paying around $0.20/click, something that most people would consider impossible in this industry.
  • We wrote one ad per keyword using our proprietary software, which helped us increase the Quality Score and CTR, which lowered the click prices from $1.21 to $0.29.

The Results:

  • This client now gets twice as much traffic and pays ¼ of what they used to pay.

The Proof:

The Cost-per-Click dropped from $1.21 to $0.29.

Case Study #3: “4 Times More Leads for ½ the Cost”

The Website: UKMigrationLawyers.co.uk

The Problems:

  • All the traffic was arriving to the same page and this page wasn’t relevant to everyone. Most people were leaving the site without taking action, and our client was paying for all this traffic.
  • The ads this client had were really bad, and they were getting no clicks.
  • This client was using beginner’s bidding tactics, which caused them to pay too much for their traffic.

What We Did:

  • We identified their main traffic segments. We created a landing page for each of these segments and starting sending people to the right landing page according to their needs. Visitors are now taken to the right landing page according to the keywords they search for and they are shown a marketing message that is tailored to their needs. Different groups of people need different marketing approaches.
  • We tested over 650 ads, learned what worked and what didn’t work. We finally picked the winning ad and that’s the one we currently use. The new ad performs 61 times better than the old ad.
  • We started using advanced bidding tactics and we figured out the perfect bid for each keyword. This allows our client to get as much traffic as possible paying as little as possible.

The Results:

  • The conversion rate multiplied by over 4 (this client gets 4 times more leads now).
  • The click-through rate (CTR) multiplied by 61, which dramatically decreased the campaign costs.
  • The cost-per-click (CPC) dropped from $0.82 to $0.37.

The Proof:

Conversion Rate increased from 4.12% to 18.52%.

CTR increased from 0.19% to 10.37%.

Cost per Click dropped from $0.82 to $0.37.

Why Us?

There are thousands of Internet marketing agencies in the world. This is why we think you should choose us.


  • “The Other Five Companies Made Me LOSE Money”

    Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve had my Google AdWords campaign managed by six online marketing agencies and you’re the first one that made it profitable; the other five companies made me lose money.

    Tom Kloosterboer
    Tom Kloosterboer
    Co-founder or BATangoTours.com
  • “You're Great to Work With”

    Every time I have a request for my SEO or PPC campaigns, you guys process it within one business day. You are great to work with. Thank you for everything!

    Troy Royster
    Owner of Maintenance-One.com
  • “Your Responsiveness and Professionalism Are Remarkable”

    Zeke, I have to tell you how impressed I am with the service we've received from you. Your responsiveness and professionalism are remarkable. When I ask for something you deliver it immediately.
    Your team did an amazing job with our PPC campaign and understanding our needs.

    Donna Bruice
    From KentonBruiceMD.com
  • “You Stand Behind the Product You Offer”

    One of the attributes of a great Internet Marketing company is not only do they provide a good product but they stand behind that product and correct any problems that may crop up along the way.
    Your company has done that and certainly earns the title "great company".
    We would recommend you at any time.

    Brian James
    Brian James
    Owner of Volkner.com
  • “Number 1 on Google in 3 Months!”

    Three months after hiring you we are #1 on Google. You said 9 months and made it happen in 3!
    Our traffic doubled in the last 2 months, too! Thank you.

    Mariano Descalzi
    Mariano Descalzi
    Owner of EnglishLCI.com
  • “Their Skill and Abilities Are Top Notch!”

    We have recently forged a great working relationship with The Outsourcing Company and thus they have exceeded our expectations on several levels. We are always able to get a hold of someone both online or via telephone and the answers are always quick, direct and helpful.
    We look forward to a long term working arrangement with The Outsourcing Company as I am quite confident that their skill and abilities are top notch!

    Adam Toren
    Adam Toren
    Founder of YoungEntrepreneur.com and Blogtrepreneur.com
  • "Our Website is First on Google, Bing and Yahoo!"

    I just wanted to say that you are extremely good at what you do. Our website is first on Google, Bing and Yahoo! We get several thousand free visitors from these search engines every single month.

    Wallace Forbes
    Wallace Forbes
    Founder of TruComfort.com
  • “Hundreds of Subscribers in Only 5 Days”

    The Outsourcing Company put together a brilliant step-by-step social media marketing plan for me. It is very simple and easy to understand, but yet so powerful. We already have hundreds of subscribers and we started this campaign five days ago!
    Thank you for helping my business grow.

    Tiana Laurence
    Tiana Laurence
    Co-founder of BATangoTours.com
  • "My Website Generates Dozens of New Leads Every Single Week"

    Every week I get dozens of hot prospects calling me and emailing me. I don't need to do any more marketing; my website generates all the new business I can take.
    Being first on Google is the best thing that can happen to a business owner and you guys took me there. Thank you!

    Gazala Rashid
    Gazala Rashid
    Owner of UKMigrationLawyers.co.uk
  • “I Will Recommend You to All My Friends”

    You exceeded my expectations in so many levels! We cannot say enough about your professionalism, efficiency, patience and creativity.
    I will recommend you to all my friends who have websites that are not making them money.

    Bradley Borne
    Bradley Borne
    Founder of AspenSports Medicine.com
  • "When It Comes to SEO, I Wouldn't Think of Working with Anyone Else"

    Guys, I love working with you. I feel I'm in really good hands. When it comes to SEO, I wouldn't think of working with anyone else.

    DeAnna Roe
    DeAnna Roe
    CEO of BuncoGameShop.com
  • "Having You on Our Team Has Been a Great Advantage"

    Zeke, you're one of the brightest business minds I've ever been around. Your advice has helped us take my business to the next level.
    Thank you for your hard work, your personal service, and your timely responses to all of our needs.

    Frank Rossini
    Frank Rossini
    Owner of SunshineProductsUSA.com
  • “The Most Brilliant Marketing Plan I’ve Ever Seen”

    Zeke, you’re a marketing god. You and your team have come up with the most brilliant online marketing plan I’ve ever seen.
    Last week I was desperate and didn’t know how to grow my business. Now I have a plan and feel excited to take over the world.
    You have no idea how much of a difference you’ve made in my business.

    Myra Rothenberg
    Myra Rothenberg
    Owner of Decormates.com
  • “You Are Very Professional”

    I love how professional you guys are. Every time we suggest changes for our website they are made before the end of the day. Thank you!

    Freddy Waititi
    Freddy Waititi
    Manager of AspenRugby.com
  • “I’m Extremely Happy with My Social Media Marketing Results”

    When I first came across social media marketing, I didn't get it. It looked like a teenager's hobby. You used Social Media Marketing to give my company a lot of visibility and traffic and I'm extremely happy with the results. Now I'm ready to have you start with our SEO! I can't thank you enough for all the great work you've done for PetGadgets.

    Geoff Mott
    Geoff Mott
    CEO of PetGadgets.com and SeniorDogs.com
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Zeke Camusio, The Outsourcing Company CEO

Meet Zeke Camusio, our CEO. Zeke is a serial entrepreneur that has started seven Internet businesses (four of them very successful).

Zeke is a marketing speaker and a columnist for some of the most reputable publications in the industry, such as Entrepreneur.com, Search Engine Journal and Startup Nation.


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