Local SEO Do’s And Dont’s

Every local business owner wants to know how to drive more website traffic in order to grow the business. But too many business owners are left scratching their heads wondering why nobody is visiting the website; especially after the webmaster said how loaded with traffic the site will be. This is fair warning that most webmasters do not understand SEO, which is what needs to be done correctly if you need more traffic to your local business website.

Follow Specific Local SEO Tips For Better Online Promotion

If you are a business owner that wants to take full advantage of your website in order to attract new clientele then you must follow a strict local seo strategy. Implement these tips and you won’t have to worry about whether you are doing seo correctly or not. We asked J. Clayton, a Toronto SEO expert at claytonseo.com to give us a list of local seo do’s and dont’s. The following short list is based on his experience working with many local small business owners. He can be reached at (647) 236-6971.

What you must not do:

  1. Do not ask people to create fake reviews for you service. Even worse than asking for fake reviews is buying fake reviews. These reviews are not authentic and therefore potential customers can get a sense that you may be lying or that there seems to be something wrong. Fake and untrue reviews are so easy to detect. Stay away from this.
  2.  Creating content or pages on your site that repeats certain phrases repeatedly. Whatever service or product you are selling , do not repeat the product or service too many times. This practice is referred to as keyword stuffing or phrase stuffing. It looks spammy and your customers will hate it. Get to the point.
  3.  Including information on your site that does not offer any value to your potential buyer. Provide information necessary that will help you attain a new customer. That may be a purchase or the inclusion in an email newsletter. too much information is as bad as irrelevant information.
  4.  Make it difficult for your customers or clients to get in touch with you or to make a purchase. Whatever you wish your site visitors to do you must make it seamless and easy.
  5.  Web forms or opt-in forms of any kind that do not work placed on the site. Again, make getting in touch with you easy.

What you must do:

  1.  Correct on-page search engine optimization.  Include the proper titles and headlines of products and services when it makes sense to do so. This is the easiest part of seo and can be very effective. Also include you business contact information completely such as name,address and contact numbers. This is also referred to NAP.
  2.  Create local citations in order to gain better ranking and more website traffic. These listings also convince search engines like Google that you are in fact a local business.
  3. Claim, verify and correct any instances of your NAP online. if NAP information is incorrect or inconsistent, search engines will not list your business correctly.
  4. Without being pushy, encourage site visitors as well as in-store or in-office visitors to place reviews online about your business. Try to incentivize this as people will become more motivated to help you with a favorable review.
  5.  Get into social media. Your customers or clients can also place reviews on your social media pages such as Facebook. if you do not have social media account s such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, get started right away. Not all social media platforms make sense for all businesses so decide which is most advantages to your business and set them up.

You are now in a position to make considerable gains in ranking and promotion of your local business website.

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