“In 2009 the Phones of 67 Companies Rang Off the Hook and Their Email Inboxes Were Flooded with Orders”
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DO YOU KNOW what’s the one thing successful business owners know about Internet marketing that the rest of them don’t? They understand this formula:

bulletStep 1: Drive thousands of qualified prospects to your site.

bulletStep 2: Make them an offer they can’t refuse.

That’s exactly what what we'll do for you. We’ll use the Internet to grow your business fast and strong.
These are the tools we’ll use to do it:

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing
We learn about your target audience and what motivates them to buy. We create the kind of content they’re thirsty for and we promote it all over the web -using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, forums and many other content distribution channels.
Learn More About Social Media Marketing.

Case Study #1: “From Unknown to Industry Expert in 12 Months”
Case Study #2: “Traffic Multiplied by 8, Conversion Rate Multiplied by 5”


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization
We take you to the top of Google so your future clients find YOU when they’re ready to buy.
Learn More About Search Engine Optimization and Portland SEO.

Case Study #1: “First on Google in Only 3 Months”
Case Study #2: “Traffic Doubled and #1 Spot on Google in Only 4 Months”
Case Study #3: “Number 1 on Google in 5 Months”


Pay per Click

Pay per Click Marketing
When our Internet Marketing Agency manages your PPC campaigns, we can get you 2-3 times more traffic than you could get on your own for ½ of the cost.
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Case Study #1: “Campaign cost decreased 73%, CTR increased 45 times”
Case Study #2: “PPC Cost Reduced to ¼”
Case Study #3: “4 Times More Leads for ½ the Cost”


Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization
Website traffic means squat if your site doesn’t consistently bring you new clients. We’ll optimize your website to multiply the number of leads and sales you get from your current traffic.
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Conversion Rate Optimization.

Case Study #1: “Our Conversion Rate More than Doubled in 2 Weeks”
Case Study #2: “5 Times More Leads in 1 Month”

Internet Marketing Consulting

Internet Marketing Consulting
Do you want to manage your own online marketing campaigns? Do you need a step-by-step marketing plan that you can easily implement?
Learn more about
Internet Marketing Consulting.

SEO: What Really Works

Here is what really works when it comes to doing seo(search engine optimization) correctly.

SEO or seo can be done by way of a true number of strategies, from social media to guest blogging. But if you’d like a straightforward but effective method of increasing the visibility of one’s webpage or website, you should concentrate on content. Browse the rest of the article for tips about how to create content that will drive visitors to your site.

Don’t overly bother about internet search engine crawlers. Sure, you must make sure that this content you post can simply be found by se’s. But if you would like to amass a loyal base of followers and/or customers, you need to make your marketplace your priority. Consider it: even though you are profitable at capturing the eye of internet search engine robots as well as your website reaches a higher spot in SERPs (search engine pages), you still will not be able to convert these potential customers with sub-par content. Thus, it’s undeniably better in the event that you write for your market rather than for crawlers. Besides, provided the newest changes within their algorithm, it’s evident that se’s pay more focus on the standard of your site’s content as opposed to the presence of keywords.

seo techniques

It’s Not Just About Keyword Density
In the past site owners and SEO specialists were about keyword density – that’s even, using keywords a particular number of times within an article or post to improve a website’s visibility. This plan may have worked wonders before, but now, it’ll do more damage than good probably. Awkward sentences and utilizing a word or phrase repetitively will not lead to an engaging read: you’ll likely turn away potential customers with one of these techniques. On that notice, also,
Long Tail Keywords Is Specific

On the subject of keywords still, you should employ long tail keywords when writing content also. They are more specific, lengthier versions of one’s basic keywords, which are generally made up of several words. For instance: in the event that you own an web store that sells shoes, a standard keyword will be “shoes on the market”. By using this is alright, but it’s better if you are using a long tail edition of it, such as for example “stylish women’s shoes on the market”. The search quantity for lengthy tail keywords is smaller sized, however the quality of traffic you shall receive will undoubtedly be better, which means your likelihood of converting a visitor right into a customer are higher.
Get The Correct Content

There are certain characteristics your content should have for the website to be observed by se’s today. First, it must be long. Research shows that pages that ranked saturated in SERPs often featured articles that is over one thousand words. Second, it must be readable. If your writing design is too official or employs jargon that not really everyone can understand, you will not get just as much traffic as you’ll if you keep carefully the content lighting but informative. And 3rd, provide answers to queries that your customers may have about your items and/or services.

I hope you have found this article to be insightful. Please visit us on a regular basis and stay informed.


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